Our experience has spanned five decades of technological refinement. From monaural sound and wire recorders to HDCD and DTS, we have witnessed the growth of a truly exciting industry—a growth that has always led to better sounding audio and video equipment for you. All along we have kept ourselves abreast of the latest audio and video developments in order to offer you sound advice and the highest value.

So, while a great deal has changed since we first opened our doors in 1951—a wire recorder seems primitive these days—we're glad to see that the cornerstone of our philosophy has aged well. As long as quality is in style, we will be stylish. Come and visit us at 825 Glenwood Avenue.

Good music should sound good. We at HiFi Sound take great care to ensure that whatever your budget or taste, you can enjoy the best in audio and video. The music you love will earn its place in your heart every time you turn on your sound system. Movies will engage and thrill you as you explore the possibilities of your new home video system.

Quality in sound and video springs from nuance as well as circuitry: it is the careful wedding of instinct and specification, of feeling and fact. At HiFi Sound we have spent 50 years watching audio and video unfold into their current state. We understand equipment, music and people which is why we are absolutely qualified to help you find uncompromising solutions to your audio and video needs. Our service is unparalleled—our outlook is friendly.